Sunday, 29 July 2012

I have chocolate in my hair

I would like to say that this week was full of adventures and tremendous twists and turns in the road but there wasn’t. It was a week lacking of any fun outrageous activity and I quite feel that I have had my first week of nothingness.

The chocolate shop continues to run as smoothly as soft butter and cream cheese on a toasted bagel and my own tasks at work are equally fluid and efficient. After a brief hiatus Claudia and I returned to the cookie baking and we no longer require the aid of the timer to tell us when the cookies are done. Our pastry chef instincts tingle at the precise moment and like a well timed waltz we open the oven doors, embrace a piping hot cookie sheet in our hands, spin to the right and gently slide it onto the cooling rack.

By the end of the week making cookies everyday put Claudia and I into the loopy zone and the slightest bit of nonsense turned us into a pair of gigglers. Sometimes the fan in the oven gets a little over zealous and blows the parchment paper on the cookie sheets in a funny direction which turns the cookies into peculiar shapes. On Friday afternoon the oven was particularly mischievous and blew the parchment paper in all sorts of inconvenient directions and all of the cookies looked like pencils! But what made me laugh to the point where I almost peed my pants was Claudia’s reaction: “Hey look! The blower in the oven made the paper go all ruffly!” Now I know this doesn’t seem that hysterical of a statement but let me remind you it is Friday afternoon, I have been making cookies and chocolates all week, and the smell from both has gone straight to my head. I burst out in uncontrollable laughter. You know the point where you laugh so hard your cheeks are so high they squish your eyes and you can’t see anything? Oh I reached that point and then I went further. I tossed my teaspoon on the table, crossed my legs and held my nose and literally put myself in the corner, every fibre of my body fighting against the urge to pee my pants. You will be glad to know that I succeeded and the chocolate shop remains a pee free zone.

I pulled a small Sunday afternoon shift and spent most of it loading potato chips onto the enrober. However I absent mindedly scratched my head while I was cleaning up, forgetting I had chocolate on my hands thus resulting in chocolate in my hair. Sigh. I can’t escape chocolate! I will probably have chocolate on every part of my body before the summer is out.

To finish off today’s post I will end with one another funny story. In church on Sunday morning we had a pile of visitors and new faces. When the children were dismissed for children’s ministry there were at least 20 of them ranging in ages from 2-6. The congregation was truly surprised at the number of little ones and before I could stop myself I said, “Sweet Jesus that’s a lot of kids! Thank goodness I’m not in kids ministry this morning.” What made this blunder even funnier is that I didn’t know how loud I had said it until twelve people whirled around in their seats and stared at me and then we all burst out into muffled snickers.

Ah yes, this week may have been lacking in adventures but I wasn’t hurting for embarrassing giggles compliments of my big mouth and twisted sense of silliness.

I forgot to add this picture last week. This is Debra and Andrew when they came to the chocolate shop to bring me some birthday cheer. That's me in my work uniform and flattering hair net. 

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