Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Swings are Back

The sun is in full unhindered shining bliss. The breeze is friendly, warm, and inviting. The ocean is aromatic and playful. Handfuls of purple, yellow and cream crocuses surface and give the first colours of spring to Charlottetown. There is nothing better than a spring Sunday afternoon in Charlottetown. It’s not just the weather that makes Charlottetown the most ideal place to be when the sun is shining it’s the kaleidoscope of colourful houses and the genuine good natured Islanders smiling at you around every corner. It’s the side walk chalk masterpieces, the giggle of children’s laughter, and the sigh and squeal of swing hinges. It’s the live soft guitar melody sprinkling the day from someone’s front porch. It’s the character of the Island that makes Charlottetown the best place to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

After church this morning and after a darling lunch out at the Old Triangle with friends I took a long sun saturated walk through Charlottetown. Robins, chickadees, house sparrows, red wing black birds and even the odd starling sung happily from tree tops, picket fences, and roofs. Busy little honey bees buzzed from one crocus to the next indulging in their sweet nectar. As I walked through the park the path was covered in side walk chalk rainbows and cup cake cats. My ears heard the faint strum of a guitar, I looked around and there was a man on his front porch, basking in the sun light dressed in blue jeans, a plaid shirt, suspenders, a cap and smoking a cigarette and playing his guitar. You can’t get more Islander than that. I marched right up to him and asked if I could take a picture of him, he didn’t mind a bit. It was very much like a perfect day. Islanders really know how to spend the sunshine.

This past Thursday I started my new job at Anne of Green Gables Chocolates. I had to wake up at 5:30am to catch the 6:30 county line bus to Hunter River. I almost missed the bus because I was at the wrong bus stop, but because I was anxious and impatient I circled the block and found the bus waiting for me on Queen Street. I hoped on, paid the fare, and got comfortable. The county bus isn’t like the city buses. It has nice plush seats, plenty of sprawling room, and big windows to gaze out of. Driving through the country side at 6:30 in the morning was the kind of commute to work I look forward to. The sun was warm and golden, stretching from the eastern horizon, I saw a fox trotting across the field on the hunt for breakfast, and there was a small pond with two hockey nets resting on the banks, obvious remnants from winter pond hockey. There are handfuls of quaint white steeple churches and grave yards scattered along the country side as old as the hills hey stand on.

My first day of work was great! The chocolate store is right in the Avonlea Village in Cavendish, how cool is that?! They didn’t give me a huge orientation of the store, instead they threw me in and I had to learn on my feet, which I preferred. I helped the cook make Almond Toffee Crunch and Brown Sugar Fudge. I packaged the chocolates and helped clean the dishes, floors, and stations, etc. It was good old fashioned on your feet all day honest work. My co-workers are excellent! Full of smiles and laughs and they all watch Coronations Street religiously. I’m not sure I can jump on the Coronation Street train but laughing, joking and carrying on and singing around work I’m on board with. My job is a total God thing. Not only do I have stellar co-workers but because I work at Anne of Green Gables Chocolates I get free admission into the Avonlea Village, and discounts on Cows Ice Cream, Anne’s Chocolates, and Boom Burger, the best burger joint in town! Plus my work week is Monday to Friday 8:00am o 4:30pm with weekends off! How I scored this job was nothing less than divine.

Today in church Pastor Brian said something really neat: “Some of us are being drowned in Gods rain cloud of blessing, while others are waiting for a sprinkle.” This past week I have been treading in waves of Gods love and gifts, but I know that not everyone is as soaked. I want to tell you that the Rain is coming. Your cloud isn’t empty yet.

Cup cake cat on the side walk

True Islander

Pretty little house, tucked away

A special dedication to the Irish settlers of PEI

Crocuses! So many beautiful crocuses!

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