Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Lesson in Weather

I've heard the stories but maybe I just didn't want to believe them. I've asked people but they've held back, perhaps not wanting to deter me. But I've found out for myself and I'm not beating around the bush today. Here's the down and dirty on PEI weather.

#1. When it is gorgeous out side it is gorgeous! The sun is shining and its warmth is wrapped around you like grandmothers shawl, there is a feather light sea breeze in the air and it makes you feels like you were written into a page of Anne of Green Gables.

#2. The only way to watch the sunset is sitting on a red sand stone rock down at the wharf. Sun beams splash the sky with hues of vanilla, tangarine and peach. The board walk is virtually deserted, only a few elderly couples stroll past and the odd energetic woman speeds by on a power walk. 

#3. When the wind blows it blows in every direction at once. One particular morning as I was making my way to school a wicked ocean gale whipped up Weymouth street and took my breath away. I knew that once I was safely on Sydney street the wind would be cut off by the houses on my left hand side. However the wind miraculously got worse once on Sydney. On my way home I figured the wind would be on my back and would essentially push me home but I was gravely mistaken and the wind seemed to have grown in its bitterness and anger. How is this possible?! I remembered that back home in Ontario all the worst weather would blow off Lake Huron, thus I came to the conclusion that large bodies of water equal wretched weather . . . and then I realized that PEI is an island. Enough said.

#4. Sometimes the sun is just there for decoration. 

#5. When the forecasts calls for snow, every other province around you gets hit but you. How unfair is that? Yes, I am one of those people, nose pressed against the window hoping for the slightest hint of snow.

#6. When it rains it pours for 24 hours. The rain is thin, sleet like and vicious and the air feels like a damp sweater that can never get dry. The wind blows at such a force it rattles the glasses in the cupboard and any autumn leaves that were holding on to spring are thrown into the street. The day is dismal and dreary, but there are advantages to such a time. There is no guilt in wearing your comfy sweats all day or not changing out of your pjs. Soup and coffee are hooked up to you like I.V's and you can curl up on the couch and catch up on some doodling. I for one love sitting by the window, wrapped in my shawl, slowly nursing an exceptionally good cup of coffee and watching the rain pelt silly pedestrians on the sidewalk below. My iPod is tuned to my "Writers Block" playlist and soft ribbons of melodies drift through the air like a fresh aroma.

#7. The news forecast has no hold on what the weather will do. If it says it will snow the sun will shine, and if it says partly clowdy with a chance of rain you will be shoveling 2 feet of "partly clowdy" the next morning. Yes PEI weather is shifty and charming, brisk and beautiful, magical and mischievous. It is a character all on its own, like a captivating bipolar middle aged woman who still wears sparkly butterfly clips in her hair and pant suits to work. But I wouldn't have PEI any other way. 

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  1. Can I just say you're awesome? I love reading your blog posts... seeing how you see the island... hearing you sing and play guitar... watching you take notes... hanging with you at ladies' group... seeing all the yummy food you create when I lurk your FB photos... I'm glad you came to CCC Mama Jo.